Nashville Publishers Network Membership Application Guidelines

Each prospective member will submit the following information with a membership dues check for $50.00 and an SASE to:

NPN Membership Committee
708 Richfield Drive
Nashville, TN 37205

Checks will be cashed or returned depending on the Membership Committee vote.

  1. Submit five songs on CD on which the prospective member has publishing. All songwriters, publishers, and percentages of publishing on the five songs must be listed. 6 Lyric sheets per song must be included as well.
  2. List the name of your publishing company, address, telephone, e-mail, professional rights organization affiliation(s) and website.
  3. Tell how many years the publishing company has been in operation and give a short history.
  4. List what major and independent cuts that you've had, and what percent of publishing you own on those songs. List any current major label holds.
  5. Give the size of your catalog that you have some portion of the publishing.
  6. List any and all staff songwriters
  7. List any other songs, writers, or catalogs that you represent and what agreement you have with them if you do not own any of the publishing.
  8. List any dedicated songplugger or agency that represents your catalog.
  9. List no more than 15 co-publishers.
  10. List your present and past participation in NPN.
  11. List any other relevant organizations past or present that you've been a member of and any positions you held.
  12. Tell the NPN why you want to be a member and what you have to offer the NPN.

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