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If you need the best of what Nashville has to offer in the way of original songs for your upcoming film, television, or album project you can contact members of the Nashville Publishers Network in two different ways.
  1. Click on the member roster button at the left and request songs via E-mail from one or more members.
  2. You can send a request for songs to all participating Nashville Publishers Network members by clicking here.

    Whichever method you choose to contact NPN members please include your name, address, phone and email address. Be specific in your request and include information about style, tempo, subject matter, etc.

    All members of NPN are required to maintain a policy of professional standards.

If you have a question regarding membership in the Nashville Publishers Network you can send E-mail to NPN Vice President, Frank Michels.

Please note: : NPN is a membership organization and does not accept material on behalf of members. Do not send unsolicited material to any publisher without permission! Please contact individual publishers for their submission guidelines. Unsolicited material will be returned unopened.

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